PPC Management?

Pay Per Click Management
Brain Talent offer a fully outsourced pay per click service, we will do the work but you stay in control at all times with real time access to all of your statistics.

The core components of the service are:

  • Keyword Selection
  • Advert Copy
  • Choosing Websites
  • Bid Management
  • Targeting
  • Managing Click Fraud
  • Landing Pages
  • Keyword Selection

We will help you find the right keywords for your campaign. We recently increased the ROI for a customer by switching them from small numbers of very expensive, high traffic keywords to a large number of cheaper keywords. This so-called “long tail” approach also resulted in a higher click through rate as the new keywords were less competitive.

Advert Copy

Recently a client saw their click through rate double when we re-wrote their adverts to make them more relevant to the search terms. It is usually the case that a very large number of different adverts are required and although this is a lot of work to write and manage the results make it very worthwhile.

Choosing Websites

Choose which websites to buy PPC adverts on is much more complex than conventional media buying because the choice of media is literally millions of times greater. It is a vital decision to make and the default choices in Google and Yahoo! Search Marketing will not usually offer the best results.

Bid Management

Bid Management is an area were Brain Talent has particular expertise as Andrew Veitch has studied bidding theory, a branch of economics. Google sells its PPC adverts through a Vickrey second price auction. All of this theory does have some very practical uses and we can often reduce your spend through avoiding the “winner’s curse” which is the term economists use to describe the way that the winner of an auction will tend to have overpaid.


Adverts can now be targeted by country and also often by region or city. This can allow very precise and powerful adverts with local appeal.

Managing Click Fraud

It is a sad fact that there is a lot of click fraud and virtually every campaign will be affected by it and some point. Fortunately the team at Brain Talent have experience of identifying click fraud as soon as it happens and in negotiating refunds and compensation payments from the PPC vendors.

Landing Pages

Brain Talent have increased conversion by developing targeted landing pages which are closely based on the adverts and keywords that brought the visitor to your site. A common mistake is to use the adverts to bring traffic to a home page or other generic page.


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SEO Promise

Please note: Brain Talent (SEO Company) can offer no guarantees regarding search engine positioning.

Although we are confident that under most circumstances our advice WILL result in improved performance in SEO, ranking is as much a function of the site's content and its popularity with users as it is of optimisation factors - the site can be optimised to the hilt but if its content does not appeal to users, then its link popularity and its click-through popularity will be affected, which in turn will adversely affect rankings. Naturally, optimisation consultancy will make recommendations on these factors should they be relevant.

You may find that some SEO Companies are willing to offer placement guarantees, but you should consider these guarantees carefully and ask how they can be made. Solid, long-lasting search engine positions can only be achieved through a combination of compelling content and optimised pages - a search engine optimiser can only be responsible for one part of this equation!