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Brain talent is a leading SEO Company based in the UK. We have a number of business clients who make us responsible for their company's websites and their SEO Campaigns, link building and overall online sucess.


Search Engine Optimisation?

What is Search Engine Optimisation?
Search Engine Optimisation (also called SEO or web positioning) describes the process by which websites are enhanced to achieve good results in search engines and web directories.

'Good results' generally means that your site appears in the first page, or top 30, of the list of websites returned by a search engine for a particular word or phrase search.

The optimisation process looks at factors such as keyword focus, page content, headings and titles, page code (META tags), page format and website popularity, and determines a site configuration and submission strategy to maximise your chances of being highly placed in search engine and directory listings for selected key phrases.

Q: Why do I need it?
A: Your customers use search engines more than any other method to locate websites (81% of web users according to Forrester's 'UK Internet User Monitor' 2009).
A: Good positioning in the search engines and directories will DRAMATICALLY INCREASE your visitor traffic.
A: Optimising for the best search engine positions will be the most important - and the most cost-effective - marketing investment you make in your site.


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SEO Promise

Please note: Brain Talent (SEO Company) can offer no guarantees regarding search engine positioning.

Although we are confident that under most circumstances our advice WILL result in improved performance in SEO, ranking is as much a function of the site's content and its popularity with users as it is of optimisation factors - the site can be optimised to the hilt but if its content does not appeal to users, then its link popularity and its click-through popularity will be affected, which in turn will adversely affect rankings. Naturally, optimisation consultancy will make recommendations on these factors should they be relevant.

You may find that some SEO Companies are willing to offer placement guarantees, but you should consider these guarantees carefully and ask how they can be made. Solid, long-lasting search engine positions can only be achieved through a combination of compelling content and optimised pages - a search engine optimiser can only be responsible for one part of this equation!